China Diary
The book grew out of the regular blogs written by Sundeep Bhutoria and his weekly column in the Hindustan Times, Kolkata, titled Cityscape. A peripatetic soul, the writer criss-crosses the world on business and leisure, but his heart resides in his hometown, Kolkata. With characteristic wit and disarming plain-speak, Sundeep writes about a variety of topics – from travel and food to customer services and lifestyle, from art and heritage to environment and gender equality. A keen eye for detail and with a firm finger on the pulse of a city, this collection of columns is an ode to the cosmopolitanism that sits at the very heart of Kolkata, even as it minces no words to point out some shortcomings, as only a loving resident is allowed to.


“A bunch of essays collated into a book that peeks into the habits and ways of Calcutta.”
– T2, The Telegraph

“I really enjoyed the articles in the book. They are so engaging and takes you on a wonderful journey, where you learn about the different aspects of life through the eyes of the author.”
– Soumitra Chatterjee

“It has been a delight to read the pieces – light and airy, but also containing a great deal of earthy wisdom.  I am aware that you are an excellent penman, but I was not quite prepared for the variety of pieces that you have served up in this publication.”
– M.K. Narayanan

“The text, despite coming in with fly-by-night approach, is horizontal and is intimately woven around social milieu, originating from Kolkata, nay Calcutta as he dares to call it!”
– Harsh Vardhan

“Rarely a city with its outward look and inward spirit has come alive through the pen. You have blended past present and future seamlessly and have looked at the city at once emotionally and objectively. You are from Rajasthan but we look upon you as a gem of Calcutta.”
– Prof Bharati Ray

“Reading this book hits you like nostalgia. Since many of the articles and writings talk about the last decade, one is often reminded of things that only recently became history.”