China Diary

China Diary
India and China have a long tradition of exchange in culture and commerce. The two countries are also rivals and competitors in the international political and economic arenas.
After a week-long visit, Sundeep Bhutoria paints a composite picture of the main cities, business and cultural centres and heritage sites of China, one of the biggest trading partners of India. He takes us on an Indian food trail with pit stops at various cultural sites in the land of dragons and lanterns. Exploring diplomatic and commercial ties, China Diary gives us an overview of the key facets important to business and general exploration of China as a country — the possibilities, cultural ethos and convergence of economic interests.


“Sundeep Bhutoria’s ‘China Diary’ is a valuable and revealing book which throws critical light on little known but crucially significant aspects of the inscrutable character of the Chinese people.”
– K. Natwar Singh

“In the current times of brazen acts by the Chinese military, it would be important to read China Diary by Sundeep Bhutoria- A book that unravels all of China as a country , with its legacy and hypocrisy.”
– Yatindra Mishra

“China Diary by Sundeep Bhutoria gives a wonderful insight into its long tradition of culture, commerce and communism and a sneak peak at the humungous economic development and urbanisation that China has unleashed.”
– Ritu Dutta, Times of India

“China Diary is a curious traveller’s personal diary, an exhaustive and comprehensive accont of Sundeep Bhutoria’s journey, personal experiences, and impressions of China. Combining personal experiences, anecdotes and sharp observations, as well as some history, it vividly captures the spirit of an ancient civilazation and its modern unfolding, through a meticulously detailed account of Sundeep’s travels across China. Those planning a similar visit will find his reflections instructive-especially if, like him, they are Indian vegetarians!”
– Shashi Tharoor

“A book on China that takes an entirely different approach to understanding the nation’s ground reality is always welcome. I believe Sundeep’s travelogue, if I can call it that, would benefit both security analysts and economists alike. It’s a refreshing read, and helps us understand how the next superpower views itself, the world, and its place in the global order.”
– Hardeep S. Puri

“Discovery of China is indispensable for India seeking to carve a place of comfort in Asia and the world. This book is a valuable and captivating trailer for someone who hopes to see the film of the relationship between the two great civilizations.”
– Salman Khurshid