My Life My Travels

My Life My Travels
My Life My Travels is Sundeep Bhutoria’s first book in English, a travelogue that touches upon the cultural and social mores in different countries of the world gleaned from his own travel experiences.


“Life teaches you so much when you live in the moment. Sundeep has done just that with ‘My Life My Travels’. He has travelled and experienced the adventures life has offered him with open arms. I hope readers take a page from his book and live each day to its fullest, embrace the dawn with hope and optimism. Something which Sundeep too shares with me as is obvious from his travelogue ‘My Life My Travels’ which is like a kaleidoscope of shifting images and cultures. The book evokes vivid memories and imagery of distant lands, their people and culture, thanks to Sundeep story telling. It is lucky to be born with this gift.”
– Anupam Kher

“This is a lively and engaging travelogue by a writer whose expanding world of people and places is held at its core by a deep love for India. An interesting addition to travel writing.”
– Javed Akhtar

“Sundeep is a living version of a Lonely Planet book The best places to go to, the time to go, best places to stay, best deals, best restaurants, best weather, this man has experienced it all. Even certain details that the locals don’t know, he does. Sundeep morphs with new cultures which makes him a natural traveller. Discover the world as seen by this traveller in My Life My Travels.”
– Shantanu Moitra

“In this time of rank materialism, self-serving purposes for which people are willing to travel to the Moon, dive in deepest waters, spend sleepless nights negotiating deals and manipulate everything to gain useless advantages Sundeep Bhutoria stands out on two counts: that he is an inveterate traveller with wander-lust and he personifies the Innocence of a Seeker who is unconsciously seeking the ‘centre’ to his own Being. Secondly he thinks he writes in Hindi which sets him apart from the so-called English speaking sophisticated crowd of writers. I congratulate him and wish him many years of loose-footed travels around the globe.”
– Dr. Sonal Mansingh

“My Life My Travels is a lively and engaging travelogue by Sundeep Bhutoria. This book is a compilation of the anecdotes of his foreign travels as a window into the journey follows. Whenever he goes to a new country or city, he compares their lifestyle, civilization, traditions and discipline with those of our country.”

“Why are the pubs of London more delightful than British tea? What can Indians learn from Switzerland? In which European country does the President cycle home after work? And where do people worship a stone that resembles our Shiv Ling? These and many other questions get answered in this delightful book of travel stories as Sundeep Bhutoria, a self-confessed wanderer, takes us to one country after another, from Peru to South Korea, from South Africa to Russia.”
– Business Standard