The Bera Bond

Bera Bond
The Bera Bond is one man’s startling discovery of a little-known leopard colony in the forests of Rajasthan. Sundeep Bhutoria decided to see if there was any truth to the floating whispers about Bera, having been told by big-cat enthusiasts that it is here that leopards live harmoniously with humans.
Bhutoria’s guide is Shatrunjay Pratap Singh, who despite his royal lineage and US education, lives in Bera and devotes himself to preserving its ecosystem and photographing its wildlife. With Singh, Bhutoria discovered the diverse ecosystem of Bera, which is host to a myriad birds and animals. He was also able to witness the camaraderie that exists between the soft-footed beasts and the locals of the area, the Rabari tribe.
This picture book, brought to life by Singh’s photographs, captures not just the thrill of close encounters with leopards but also the challenges of preserving their habitat.


“Sundeep is a Marwari Cowboy. He has moved stealthily from Tigers to Leopards. Someday, between the lines, I hope to discover what drives a strict vegetarian to become such a wild admirer of carnivores. He fascinates me, to say the least.
– Victor Banerjee

“The Bera Bond is a magnificently illustrated book that comes with a deeply relevant message for our times. It tells us in a powerful narrative how local communities are, in the face of severe odds, playing a crucial role in the conservation of our rich biodiversity. Sundeep Bhutoria’s passion and commitment resonate through these pages. The book is a delight, as well as education and the Rabaris of Rajasthan, deserve wider and unstinted support.”
– Yatindra Mishra

“Our wildlife needs many different people to articulate the case and Sundeep Bhutoria have done so quite beautifully in this book.
– Bittu Sahgal, Editor, Sanctuary Asia, India

“I found the book informative, containing excellent photographs of wildlife in the state of Rajasthan and India on the whole. It is a fascinating narrative on leaopards of India so beautifully documented.”
– Niluka Kadurugamuwa, Acting High Commissioner of the Republic of Srilanka

“The book has been nicely portrayed and crafted. The photography of the book is amazing. The best part I could see that you briefly but very nicely glorified the cultural heritage of Udaipur and how we succeeded in putting Udaipur on the world map not only the favourite tourist destination but also popular choice for big fat Indian weddings.”
– Arvind Singh Mewar, Maharana of Udaipur

“The book is a result of the author’s three day stay in the area and he admits that the information is also from secondary sources. Even as he does not vouch for its authenticity, the photographs in the book and the heartwarming bond of the Rabaris and the ascetics with the leopard is enough for one to appreciate the effort and pick up the book.”
– The Tribune