The Safari

The Safari
The Safari centres around wildlife preservation and tiger protection in India. This book chronicles a journey in search of the tigers of Ranthambore National Park, a recounting of known and unknown things about the magnificent beasts and some hard truths about the way of life of these wild cats.


“The Queen wishes to thank you for your message which you wrote inside a copy of your book, The Safari, which contains photographs taken during Her Majesty’s visit to Ranthambore, India many years ago. Your thoughtfulness in wishing The Queen to have this publication is greatly appreciated.”
– Lady in- Waiting of HRH Queen Elizabeth

“Thank you very much for giving me a copy of your book ‘The safari’ which I have enjoyed reading and have passed on to my grandchildren who are also enjoying it. You and Manjari are clearly tiger enthusiasts. The tiger is one of the national emblems of India and this diary of your trip to Ranthambore National Park, one of the most formidable and beautiful places in India, is sure to evoke fond memories to any who have visited and inspire those who may still want to go.”
– Lord Swraj Paul

“I applaud Sundeep Bhutoria for sharing his adventurous encounters with India’s wildlife through his publication ‘The Safari’. From the stories and photos featured in the book, readers will learn about the wealth of wildlife in India, and importantly about the Bengal tiger – India’s national animal that embodies the strength, grace and dynamism of its people. Readers will enjoy this book and they should feel enriched by Sundeep’s incredible journey through Ranthambore National Park.”
– Priti Patel, MP – House of Commons, London

“This book takes us into the heart of Ranthambore, its colourful wildlife, historical buildings and dedicated forest officers. It captures in vivid detail the wait, disappointment, finally the thrill and sheer grandeur of tiger sightings. Each tiger’s name and behaviour pattern is recounted with affection. The writer’s sheer luck of sighting a dozen tigers and cubs also evokes hope for the conservation of this majestic beast in the beautiful surroundings of the Park. As in real life, the writer is a great raconteur taking us on an enjoyable journey!”
– Sharmila Tagore

“Sundeep’s deep passion for wildlife is only matched with his astounding luck at spotting so many tigers. This book is a commendable effort towards getting our younger generation to develop love for the tiger, our national animal!”
– Amish Tripathi

“Concentrating on the reserve forests of Ranthambore, he introduced the legendary tigress Macchli and her family.”
– The Asian Age